To promote contemporary curating education and expand local professional networks, we accepted applications for the CIT19 workshops through our open call and the recommendations given by art institutions, colleges and professionals. The organizer invited the Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts, the Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei, the Hong-Gah Museum, the Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts, and educators/curators from art universities including LIN Chi-Ming, WU Ma-Li , TSAI Pei- Kuei , Manray HSU, LIN Hong-John, GONG Jow-Jiun and TSAI Ming-Jiun to recommend eligible applicants. For the partof the open call, a total of 11 applicants were selected through our second review completed on 23 April 2019. The full lists of the reviewers and workshop members are released below.

Application Review Committee:

  • LIN Ping (Director, Taipei Fine Arts Museum)
  • LIAO Jen-I (Associate professor and director, Graduate Institute of Museum Studies, Taipei National University of the Arts)
  • LU Pei-Yi (Assistant professor, MA Program in Critical and Curatorial Studies of Contemporary Art (CCSCA), National Taipei University of Education)
  • Amy CHENG (Director, TheCube Project Space)

CIT19 Workshop Members:

Agiluf CHEN, Ariana LOMBARDI, CHIEN Cheng-Yi, CHOU Yu-Ling, Christopher WHITELD, FANG Yen Hsiang, FENG Hsin, Hsiang Ning HUANG, HSIEH Yu-Ting, HSU Po-Han, HUANG Ke Hsuan, HUNG Ping-Chi, Kayo LU, Leora Joy JONES, LIN Cheng-Wei, LIN Yi-Chun, LO Wing Shan, Nien-Pu KO, Olga CHANG, Patrice CHOU, PHUAN Thai Meng, Savi LIN, Sean GAFFENEY, SHE Wen-Ying, TSAI Jia Zhen, Tzu-Ying KUO, WANG Han-Fang, WANG Hsuan, WANG I-Chun, WANG Jui-Hsu, Wei-Lun CHEN, Zoe YEH,